Turkey Trottin’

Sister #1 here –

I was up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning ready to run. It was unseasonably warm with the temperature forecasted to be about 50 degrees at the start of our run. I will wear shorts if it’s 50 degrees or warmer so I convinced sister #2 to wear our matching lulu shorts and compression socks–that way there was really only a few inches of skin showing. This turned out to be a good idea as we were comfortable the whole run.

Shorts on Thanksgiving? In Wisconsin?! Yes please!

I was meeting Laura at a Starbucks an hour before the run. Us sisters need our caffeine before running or pretty much doing anything. The run was about 20 minutes from my house and I witnessed a beautiful sunrise.

We met at Starbucks, got our caffeine and I realized that I left my chip at home. Idiot! In my defense, as I was laying out my clothes and pinning my bib on my shirt the night before, my daughter grabbed my chip and started to play with it. I told her to give it to me and then got sidetracked and forgot to put it on my shoe. So we quickly went to the race start and I was able to fill out another registration form and get a chip. Crisis averted. The run started behind a local high school fieldhouse so we were able to use the bathrooms (indoor!), finish our coffee and stay warm.

We made our way to the start about 10 minutes before the run. The event also had a 2 mile fun run/walk so there were alot of people at the start, including dogs and strollers! We made our way to the front where most of the 5 milers seemed to be waiting to go. With little fanfare, we were off!

Our goal was to run an 8 minute mile (or so) pace. We started out a little fast, but felt good. We had to weave around a few people, but settled in to a nice groove pretty quickly. The course was very flat, with an elevation gain of 1 foot (according to my Garmin!). How is that for a flat course?! We ran through some neighborhoods and looped through a park before making our way back to the high school parking lot where we started.

We kept a good pace and finished in 38:24, with an average pace of 7:47 minute/mile! Laura makes me run fast! We chatted the whole time–some if it was one-sided with Laura talking and me kind of grunting answers. We only had one mile that averaged in the 8:00’s and that was mile 2 with an 8:02 average. We were running into a 20 mph wind for the majority of this mile. The last mile we managed a 7:16 pace! Laura kept encouraging us to “kick it” and I just kept looking at my watch and the pace and thinking to myself that we were!

It was a good, well-managed event, except for the last mile when the 2 mile walkers merged with the 5 mile runners. There were dogs on leashes everywhere, one of them chased me to the end of his leash! The walkers pretty much stayed to the right side of the road and the runners on the left–until about 100 yards from the finish, a race official yelled for the 5 milers to get to the right which is where the timing mats were. We had to get to the other side of the road and run through all kinds of walkers, dogs and strollers. We made it, but it was kind of cluster.

Overall, it was a very fun morning, with great weather (shorts, in Wisconsin, on Thanksgiving!) Running with my sister was so fun, she really makes me run faster and I appreciate her staying with me and talking to me for the entire 5 miles! We did it!

We did it! Thanks for making me run fast, Laura!


About sweaty sisters

Stories of sisters who are working moms, juggling life and getting our daily dose of sweat.
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