Daily Doses – Catch Up

Sister #1 here.

I have to catch up my daily dose of sweat log.

I ended the week with a nice 5.6 mile run at an average 8:18 min/mile. It was a chilly morning that was warming up quickly. I’ve found it hard to dress for running on these in-between days. Do I wear my warm running tights? The warm top? A headband or hat? Gloves? I got a little warm but I’d rather be too hot than too cold. Overall, it was a nice run around my little town, just me and my Pandora station.

Saturday morning I went to RIPPED class for the 3rd time this week. I upped my weights for the strength sections and got a great workout. Then my daughter got the stomach flu which put an end to any other plans we had for the day.

Sunday was rest day for me and recover day for my daughter. She was feeling better and eating–it was definitely a 24 hour thing.

I started the week off with RIPPED class on Monday. I once again used the bigger weights for the strength parts of the class–fun!

Yesterday I ran just over 5 miles around town for a final run before the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. We are having unseasonably warm temperatures here in the frozen tundra–it’s been nice. I was close to 50 degrees when I finished my run. Kind of nice to not have to wear gloves and a headband.

Today is a rest day and clean my house for Thanksgiving visitors kind of a day. I also have to pick up our bibs for the run tomorrow. Just checked the weather forecast–it’s supposed to be 45 degrees at the start with a 15 mph wind. I’m not too happy about the wind, but will take the warmer temperature.

Can’t wait to run with my Sweaty Sister tomorrow!


About sweaty sisters

Stories of sisters who are working moms, juggling life and getting our daily dose of sweat.
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