Daily Doses of Sweat

Sister #1 here: I’ve been getting my daily sweat on. Here is my week so far:

Monday I attended RIPPED class. It’s an hour long class that involved hand weights, cardio intervals, some kickboxing thrown in there and ending with core work and stretching. I like this class alot, the instructor is great and I attend with a few friends.

Tuesday was supposed to be a rest day–I had a meeting first thing in the morning and then had a few errands to run. But it was nice and sunny out after a few days of clouds, although a bit chilly. I had just picked up some new warm running tights and had to try them out. I headed out for a run at about 1:00 p.m. Typically I am not a middle of the day runner. I usually run in the morning and eat the same protein bar before every run. This run was after lunch, and not a healthy lunch. I had a side ache and felt icky the whole run. I was trying to run 8:00 miles for 5 miles but struggled and averaged an 8:24 pace–I will do better on my run tomorrow.

Today, Wednesday, I attended RIPPED again. The routine changes every six weeks and I really like the routine we are doing right now. We do bicep curls, triceps, push ups (alot of push ups) lunges, squats, etc. It’s a total body workout and is high energy–FUN!

Those are my daily doses of sweat so far this week. I’m preparing for the 5 mile Turkey Trot that the Sweaty Sisters are doing on Thanksgiving morning–can’t wait to run with my sister again!


About sweaty sisters

Stories of sisters who are working moms, juggling life and getting our daily dose of sweat.
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