I’m sister #2 and I have to admit I’ve kind of been a slacker lately.  I’ve made it to the gym a couple of times, but I really hate the treadmill and I’ve decided twenty degrees is my limit for outdoor activities. In a couple of weeks I’ll try to start a marathon training program and hopefully that will get me motivated.

The last couple months have been filled with boys’ basketball games.  I help coach my 9-year-old’s park and rec team and my husband coaches my 11-year-old’s 5th and 6th grade team at his school.  Our boys attend a small Christian School K-8 of about 180 kids.  In 5th grade they finally get to play organized sports and represent their school.  They play against other small private schools.  For many kids it’s the first time they’ve played, and probably the only time many will be a part of a team, since we don’t have tryouts.

Both of us Sweaty Sisters played basketball in high school and college, Division 3.  We grew up with a gym next door so we spent many hours shooting around.

Watching Alexander’s (my 11-year old’s)  game yesterday just got me thinking. I was watching a couple of the kids just struggle to run.  One child in particular was overweight, slightly duck-footed, which caused him to have plantar fasciitis issues.  He looked so miserable just trying to get from one side of the court to the other. It made me think how blessed I am, how blessed my boys are, to be able to move, to be able to enjoy the freedom to kick up our heels and sprint across the basketball court or the soccer field.  Running is the basic element in every organized sport.  I don’t know what it would feel like to not be able to run.

I think sometimes I get so caught up in times and pacing. What place am I in? How can I be faster? I forget to enjoy the pure joy of running. I love the feeling of my arms and legs working together to propel my body as fast as it can go.  I love feeling my heart pound.  There’s a freedom and simplicity in running that I am so thankful that I get to enjoy.  I need to remember to be thankful for the gift of a body that can run.

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Year in Review and Resolutions

Sister #2 here, I was thinking the New Year would be the perfect time to remember my races of 2012 and set some goals for 2013.

January 2012-  Miami Marathon

The hubby and I decided to take a trip to Florida.  He was enjoying his hobby and attending the PGA merchandise golf show, so I thought I’d enjoy my hobby and run my 9th marathon. Like most of my marathons I had not trained properly. I had run one longer run that November, but that’s about it, so I knew it would be slow, but thought it would be a fun way to see the city.  It was a slightly overcast day in the upper 60’s.  I started out very slow; 9:30 pace, and then felt good so I picked it up the last few miles and finished in 4:20.  I was glad I ran.  There were some great ocean views, and it was a nice break from winter in MN.

2013 Resolution #1- properly train for a full marathon

I’ll always remember 2012 as the year I got to share my favorite hobby with my favorite sister!  I love sweating with my sister, my friend!

September- 2012  Milwaukee Brewer mini-marathon

My first half marathon with Sweaty Sister #1 and also the first half that I actually raced.  I’ve only run one other half and it was to help a friend pace for his first marathon.  We grew up in Milwaukee so it was fun to run in our hometown.

2012-09-22 07.10.15

Sweaty Sister #1 was running with a friend from Texas so I was on my own to race.  I started with the 1:45 pace team, but by mile 8 was feeling really good, so I slowly started picking up the pace.  During the final mile we got to run around the warning track in Miller Park.It was great, but I should’ve looked at the course map ahead of time.  I thought the race ended after you ran around the field, so I sprinted.  It felt great to stretch out and really run, but not so great when we left the stadium and saw a sign that said .25 miles to go.  It was a chilly day, but I was happy with my 1:41. It was great to be able to cheer Carrie on to her first 13.1!  It was such a fun weekend with my “big” sister and her friends.  I think this will be an annual event.

2012-09-22 10.44.48

2013 Resolution #2 – finish a half in under 1:40

In 2012 I also discovered another “running buddy”.  My 11 year-old son, Alexander has started running with me.

October 2012

October 6- Ninth Annual 5K Run for the Prize

Every year our church organizes a 5K run/walk.  I get to be the race director, so I don’t get to run the race very often, but I end up doing a lot of running around.  We raise money for a local food shelf and a medical mission in Africa.  It was a fun day, and I was proud of my Alexander. He won his age group and took fifth overall!

photo 8

October 12-  Light up the Night 5K Trail Run

Not even a week after our 5K I found out about another 5K being run at night on the trails right behind our house!  Alexander was excited to run another race so we bought headlamps and signed up!  I’ve never run a night race before.  There were about 200 runners, including my neighbor who finished her very first 5K!! It was a tough hilly course, but it was fun to look behind you and see all the lights winding along the trails. Alexander was a trooper.  He didn’t walk at all.  He had side aches, especially on the downhills, but he didn’t even slow down on the uphills.  There was a couple that we kept passing when we were climbing the hills, but then they’d fly past us on the downhills.  Finally, on the final hill we passed them and kept sprinting to the finish.  We took 22nd and 23rd overall.  I was proud of my little guy, he was by far the youngest runner.  I’m just going to enjoy the next couple years when I can still keep up with him.


2013 Resolution #3 – Invite my sons to run more often with me, be an example of healthy living for them. 

October 27- Team Ortho Monster Dash

Sweaty Sister and I decided that Milwaukee was fun and we wanted to run another half marathon together before the end of the year.  Now that she knew she could finish 13.1 Sweaty Sister #1 was ready to race!  The  Monster Dash is a fun event.  There were over 5,000 runners in costume! It’s a fast point-to-point downhill course.  We had matching fairy costumes, sparkly skirts and glittery butterfly wings.

2012-10-27 07.41.36

Only with my sister will I ever run and sparkle! We planned on starting out at an 8:30 pace but  felt good and  ended up finishing in 1:49 with an average 8:20 pace.  I love running with my Sweaty Sister.  We talk and laugh the whole time, the 13 miles seems to fly by!  Seeing all the costumes gave us a lot to talk about!  We learned that satin is not a sweat-wicking material, jorts should not be worn for running, three girls dressed as candy corns in yellow tutus are not going to finish in front of us, and rainbow butterfly wings help you fly!

Celebrating our first half marathon together.

Celebrating our first half marathon together.

November- Turkey Trot

Sweaty Sister #1 gave the recap of our Turkey Trot.  It was a great way to start our Thanksgiving.  I didn’t feel nearly as guilty enjoying two turkey dinners with both sides of the family knowing I had gotten a run in.

Shorts on Thanksgiving? In Wisconsin?! Yes please!

Shorts on Thanksgiving? In Wisconsin?! Yes please!

While we were running we decided we’re the “happy runners”  We said “thank you” and “Happy Thanksgiving”  to the volunteers and policemen we passed and laughed and talked the whole time.  Maybe we’re annoying to the runners struggling to finish around us, but we sure have fun!  I’m thankful for my new running partner.

2012 was a fun year I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

Tentative 2013 race plans:

April- a 50 mile relay with Sweaty Sister #1 and three of her friends

May 19-  Cellcom Green Bay Marathon- we get to run on Lambeau Field!!!

June 16- Women’s Half Marathon-  Bloomington, MN- Happy 40th Birthday “big” sister

August- Battle Creek Trail Half Marathon- it’s in my back yard!!! home field advantage??

September- Milwaukee Brewers mini-marathon

October- Monster Dash

November- Turkey Trot

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My Last Run in My 30’s

Sister #1 Here –

Yesterday I ran my last run while in my 30’s. Yes, today I turn the big 4-0. I’m not sure how I feel about this milestone. 40 always seemed so old to me as I was growing up and now it’s here. I’m just going to keep telling myself that “40 is the new 30!”

I had a nice run, considering it’s January in the Frozen Tundra. It was unusually warm–in the low 30’s with almost no wind. I had to really watch for ice on the roads, but it was a good run.

2012-12-13 11.32.41

I took time to reflect on the past decade and how my life has changed. We moved twice. I became a mom, which is the best thing that’s happened to me! I started a new career. I ran my first half marathons and discovered I really love running. I also love fitness and the way I feel when I’m in shape and fit.

My life has changed alot in the past decade, but one thing has always been constant, and that has been being active. Whether it was participating in basketball and softball leagues, working out with various friends, running, trying different classes, or doing the Insanity videos in my basement. Working out has always been a part of my life.

Getting my daily sweat on will continue to be part of my life this year. Sweaty Sister and I have one race planned already and she is giving me a half marathon registration for my birthday! What a great gift!

I’m going to be “Fit at 40” and make this a great year!

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Turkey Trottin’

Sister #1 here –

I was up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning ready to run. It was unseasonably warm with the temperature forecasted to be about 50 degrees at the start of our run. I will wear shorts if it’s 50 degrees or warmer so I convinced sister #2 to wear our matching lulu shorts and compression socks–that way there was really only a few inches of skin showing. This turned out to be a good idea as we were comfortable the whole run.

Shorts on Thanksgiving? In Wisconsin?! Yes please!

I was meeting Laura at a Starbucks an hour before the run. Us sisters need our caffeine before running or pretty much doing anything. The run was about 20 minutes from my house and I witnessed a beautiful sunrise.

We met at Starbucks, got our caffeine and I realized that I left my chip at home. Idiot! In my defense, as I was laying out my clothes and pinning my bib on my shirt the night before, my daughter grabbed my chip and started to play with it. I told her to give it to me and then got sidetracked and forgot to put it on my shoe. So we quickly went to the race start and I was able to fill out another registration form and get a chip. Crisis averted. The run started behind a local high school fieldhouse so we were able to use the bathrooms (indoor!), finish our coffee and stay warm.

We made our way to the start about 10 minutes before the run. The event also had a 2 mile fun run/walk so there were alot of people at the start, including dogs and strollers! We made our way to the front where most of the 5 milers seemed to be waiting to go. With little fanfare, we were off!

Our goal was to run an 8 minute mile (or so) pace. We started out a little fast, but felt good. We had to weave around a few people, but settled in to a nice groove pretty quickly. The course was very flat, with an elevation gain of 1 foot (according to my Garmin!). How is that for a flat course?! We ran through some neighborhoods and looped through a park before making our way back to the high school parking lot where we started.

We kept a good pace and finished in 38:24, with an average pace of 7:47 minute/mile! Laura makes me run fast! We chatted the whole time–some if it was one-sided with Laura talking and me kind of grunting answers. We only had one mile that averaged in the 8:00’s and that was mile 2 with an 8:02 average. We were running into a 20 mph wind for the majority of this mile. The last mile we managed a 7:16 pace! Laura kept encouraging us to “kick it” and I just kept looking at my watch and the pace and thinking to myself that we were!

It was a good, well-managed event, except for the last mile when the 2 mile walkers merged with the 5 mile runners. There were dogs on leashes everywhere, one of them chased me to the end of his leash! The walkers pretty much stayed to the right side of the road and the runners on the left–until about 100 yards from the finish, a race official yelled for the 5 milers to get to the right which is where the timing mats were. We had to get to the other side of the road and run through all kinds of walkers, dogs and strollers. We made it, but it was kind of cluster.

Overall, it was a very fun morning, with great weather (shorts, in Wisconsin, on Thanksgiving!) Running with my sister was so fun, she really makes me run faster and I appreciate her staying with me and talking to me for the entire 5 miles! We did it!

We did it! Thanks for making me run fast, Laura!

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Daily Doses – Catch Up

Sister #1 here.

I have to catch up my daily dose of sweat log.

I ended the week with a nice 5.6 mile run at an average 8:18 min/mile. It was a chilly morning that was warming up quickly. I’ve found it hard to dress for running on these in-between days. Do I wear my warm running tights? The warm top? A headband or hat? Gloves? I got a little warm but I’d rather be too hot than too cold. Overall, it was a nice run around my little town, just me and my Pandora station.

Saturday morning I went to RIPPED class for the 3rd time this week. I upped my weights for the strength sections and got a great workout. Then my daughter got the stomach flu which put an end to any other plans we had for the day.

Sunday was rest day for me and recover day for my daughter. She was feeling better and eating–it was definitely a 24 hour thing.

I started the week off with RIPPED class on Monday. I once again used the bigger weights for the strength parts of the class–fun!

Yesterday I ran just over 5 miles around town for a final run before the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. We are having unseasonably warm temperatures here in the frozen tundra–it’s been nice. I was close to 50 degrees when I finished my run. Kind of nice to not have to wear gloves and a headband.

Today is a rest day and clean my house for Thanksgiving visitors kind of a day. I also have to pick up our bibs for the run tomorrow. Just checked the weather forecast–it’s supposed to be 45 degrees at the start with a 15 mph wind. I’m not too happy about the wind, but will take the warmer temperature.

Can’t wait to run with my Sweaty Sister tomorrow!

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Daily Dose of Sweat

Sister #1 here again with my daily dose of sweat.

I ran 5 miles this morning–it was chilly at the start–about 35 degrees, sunny with a breeze. I dressed pretty good for the conditions and was comfortable the whole run.

I felt alot better today than the other day–I ran in the morning with my usual routine. My pace reflected how I felt. I’d like to try to get my pace to an 8:00 mile. It’s getting there. Here are my splits:

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
Summary 43:54.6 5.33 8:15
1 8:26.9 1.00 8:27
2 8:03.8 1.00 8:04
3 8:20.8 1.00 8:21
4 8:24.4 1.00 8:24
5 8:02.6 1.00 8:03
6 2:36.3 0.33 7:57

One week until our 5 mile Turkey Trot. I told Laura to race it, but she said she wanted to run together. It’s going to be a great way to start our Thanksgiving Holiday.

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Daily Doses of Sweat

Sister #1 here: I’ve been getting my daily sweat on. Here is my week so far:

Monday I attended RIPPED class. It’s an hour long class that involved hand weights, cardio intervals, some kickboxing thrown in there and ending with core work and stretching. I like this class alot, the instructor is great and I attend with a few friends.

Tuesday was supposed to be a rest day–I had a meeting first thing in the morning and then had a few errands to run. But it was nice and sunny out after a few days of clouds, although a bit chilly. I had just picked up some new warm running tights and had to try them out. I headed out for a run at about 1:00 p.m. Typically I am not a middle of the day runner. I usually run in the morning and eat the same protein bar before every run. This run was after lunch, and not a healthy lunch. I had a side ache and felt icky the whole run. I was trying to run 8:00 miles for 5 miles but struggled and averaged an 8:24 pace–I will do better on my run tomorrow.

Today, Wednesday, I attended RIPPED again. The routine changes every six weeks and I really like the routine we are doing right now. We do bicep curls, triceps, push ups (alot of push ups) lunges, squats, etc. It’s a total body workout and is high energy–FUN!

Those are my daily doses of sweat so far this week. I’m preparing for the 5 mile Turkey Trot that the Sweaty Sisters are doing on Thanksgiving morning–can’t wait to run with my sister again!

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